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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Yesterdays' Dreams .....

Good evening, everyone.  I apologise for my somewhat lengthy absence from blogging but I hope when you read my post here, you will excuse me and understand the reason.
I am so thrilled, delighted and very excited to let you all know that some months ago I was approached by the wonderful Susan Andrews and Linda Ormsby of Jem's Designs to join their team as a cd designer.  Would I?  It's like all my dreams come true!
So I set to work and the result is that my debut cd "Yesterdays' Dreams" is launching on Create and Craft tomorrow at 12noon and 6pm in the expert hands of Susan Andrews herself.  My second one is also now completed and out for sampling as we speak with the super talented Jem's Design Team.
How amazing is that, and how fortunate am I to have been given such an amazing opportunity to expand into this where I can hopefully give something back to people who have been with me and helped me throughout the years.
I would love you to have a look at the launch tomorrow if you can and would appreciate your comments if you can spare the time.
So now you know what I've been doing!
I didn't know I could do it...do you think I have?
Thanks for popping in.
Haste ye back!
Crafty hugs, Sheenagh x


  1. Oh Sheenagh what a winderful opportunity for you - good for you for going for it, you must be so so proud of yourself.

    I shall tune in at 12 tomorrow to have a look - how exciting.


  2. ill be there with bells on and so lookign forward to seeing what the girls do with your next one x

  3. Oh Sheenagh I an so delighted for you Congratulations , and I am confident it will go down well, i will be watching and ordering your debut cd and wow the Jems team must be happy if you have your 2nd one coming xxxxx Big Hugs Celia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Congratulations Sheenagh - well done you. You must be very excited so I hope it all goes really well tomorrow.

    Catherine x

  5. Well done and congratulations on the CD.xxx

  6. wow wow wow that is fabulous and amazing news. I am so happy for you Sheenagh. Your work is always stunning. I will watch tomorrow and you will be a sell out, sending hugs and kisses CONGRATULATIONS xxx

  7. Wow! Congratulations, how wonderful for you xx

  8. Brilliant news Sheenagh. I would like to say a very big CONGRATULATIONS. Crafty hugs xx Jan

  9. Congratulations - will have to have a look and see this!!

  10. Congratulations, Sheen; very delighted for you, my friend. Love, Vee xx

  11. It's fantastic news. I'm so happy for you.

  12. And there was me thinking you were sitting with your feet up! lol!

    Saw this morning's show and it's a lovely CD Sheen, be proud of yourself.... now spill the beans... what's on the next one?

    Seriously congratulations on your success, lovely to see a fresh designer's ideas! Keep up the good work.

    Su (Soop)

  13. Oh that's wonderful news sweetie, I am so pleased for you, well done, sorry my comment is a little late I am slow going at the moment, congratulations hun
    Lindsay xx


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