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Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Week

Hello, everyone, I'm sorry I haven't posted since last weekend, but as you will know from that post, I have been heavily involved in sample designing this past couple of weeks...not long now till you will see them on here. It's been hectic, demanding and frustrating at times as I have to fit in all the usual routine chores and mundane tasks such as cooking etc...lol! Don't we all, though? I swear, I wouldn't stop to eat if hubby didn't need feeding! As he was working nights this week, I almost did a nightshift myself on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning - called a halt at 3am! But, you know when you just want to do one more little bit to see how it's going to look...well, that was me! Most of all though, it's just been exciting and challenging, and I hope when the samples are available to upload, that you think all the work was worth it. There were times last week when I was so glad I was all snug and warm at home - what a week of weather it has been - and now, today, it's just beautiful again! Oh, I hope it lasts a while yet. I had a couple of nice parcels through the post this week...yes, you've guessed...more Spellbinders...lol! I can't wait to try them out on some commissions I'll be working on next week. I succumbed to temptation and bought the new Edgeabilities on Tuesday evening's Pick of the Day on Ideal World, along with another set of smaller dies. They are all so delicious and I am so inspiried by Sue Wilson of Creative Expressions. Her ideas just gel with me. We have the Hobby Crafts, Crafts for Christmas, show coming to the SECC in Glasgow, October 27th-30th, and I am always excited to go and be a part of the hustle and bustle and meet friends, old and new, to say hello. The anticipation of discovering a new product and getting new ideas never fades for me. For now, my friends, it's time to go cook...again! Until next time, take care and Happy Crafting x


  1. My Sheenagh you have had a busy week and I look forward to seeing the samples you have made. Have a fab week and thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Linda xxxxx

  2. Hello,Linda. I'm sure we all have these mad weeks at times...so so busy, but so rewarding when your work receives good feedback. I have a problem with uploading them to the forum website so they will be on here in due course.
    I hope your Birthday was wonderful.
    You have a good week too,
    Take care and Happy Crafting,
    Hugs x


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