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Monday, 24 October 2011


Hi, everyone! Well what a mixed bag of weather we've had here over the past few days...wind, rain, glimpes of sun...oh well, I think winter is definitely on it's way and the sun will be a sight for sore eyes if it graces us at all over the coming months! However, if ever we needed an excuse to stay warm and cosy at home, crafting is it...lol! So I thought I'd share with you what has kept me indoors for the past day or two...apart from starting a mahoosive clearout of my craft room, I've made 3 cards which are posted below. My crafty stash is taking over the space I have, so it's a "crafty cleansing" BIG TIME! I should know from experience that tidying items away in drawers and boxes to me means they will never see the light of day again and when I'm looking for them, I never know where to look first! So filing cabinet and desk drawers are being emptied and the contents being ruthlessly disposed of, either to a good home or the hospice charity shop, but in the process I've "lost" my dining table. How did all that fit into one drawer, I ask myself? Truth of the matter is I have ordered a Black Cat Cougar cutting machine, and I need to make space on my work area for it...now that's what I call an incentive to have a clear out...lol! Anyway, here are my latest cards and I do hope you like them. Take care! Happy Crafting! Sheenagh x

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