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Friday, 9 March 2012

A lovely surprise...

Imagine my surprise to be awarded this lovely accolade!
The Leibster Blog Award has been given to me by my lovely friend, Janet at
Leibster means "dearest" in German and is awarded to bloggers with less than 200 followers by their peers to acknowledge their help and support and in recognition of the inspiration they give to others.
Now, I am supposed to award this to 5 other blogs that I visit in turn and I will do this as soon as I possibly can...most of the blogs I follow have more followers and I am always rushing around trying to squeeze in some blogging...so I will have pleasure in selecting my 5 blog friends in due course.
Meantime, thank you so much, Janet. I am always pleased to think I have helped and inspired along the way.
Crafty hugs, Sheenagh x


  1. Congratulations Sheenagh I am delighted for you :)

    Linda xxxx

  2. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
    Hey, we have a giveaway here, please stop by and add your name to the list - http://www.pixiedustpaperie.blogspot.com

  3. Thank you so much, Linda and Kirsty x


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